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Rethinking communication and intimacy. Our clinicians offer couples, marriage, decernment and relationship counseling that offer real solutions for busy lifestyles with complex problems.

Helping Couples of all Types Thrive

There was a time when you and your partner could have conquered the world together. But recently, you feel like you’re spending more time battling each other than taking on life’s challenges.

You were that ‘perfect’ couple once; inseparable, passionate and envied by all your friends. You struck the balance of supporting each other’s individual dreams and passions, while being partners and always considering the “We” before the “I”. You were the power couple who let nothing stand in their way.

Looking at the photos today, it seems like only a memory of days gone by. It’s heartbreaking to see how different your relationship has become. Or worse yet, the pain has given way to disdain and betrayal. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Nothing was going to come between your love, and yet here you are.

Or else, maybe you and your partner are feeling more like roommates than lovers and are looking for a way to put the spark back into your relationship. You know you still love each other but don’t know how to get that “spark” back again.

You are not alone. Most couples struggle as time goes on, and many reach a critical crossroads in their relationship that can be best addressed with a relationship expert’s help. Our approach at LifeStance is based on educating couples on common relationship missteps and rethinking what a relationship needs in order to thrive.

We know that communication changes are best made when paired with deeper emotional work. In this way our therapy is meant for couples with complicated, budding or frustrating relationships.

We offer Couples Counseling for:

Intimacy and Sexual Concerns »

Infidelity Repair or Loss of Trust »

Communication and Conflict Resolution »

Family Counseling/Parental Challeges »

Our Clinicians also help with:

  • Preparing for Partnership & Premarital Counseling
  • Life Transitions (beginning, ending or changing your relationship status)
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Relationship Discernment Counseling

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Let’s learn to work together, together with us.

The busyness of life and obligations that seem to have torn you apart do not have to remain. You can reconnect and feel the love you used to feel. Despite the many challenges that get in your way, you can learn better ways to communicate and show the admiration and appreciation that still exists in your relationship.

Couples counseling offers a unique space where you and your partner can feel safe to explore your relationship. With the help of a trained couples therapist, you can look at the barriers that are keeping you from having the connection you desire. Our goal is to facilitate open discussion about the obstacles in your relationship, such as the hurt and resentments that have built over time and other concerns that prevent you from growing together and as individuals.

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Inclusive Couples Therapy 

Consistent with our commitment to inclusivity and diversity, LifeStance Health provides a non-judgmental space to explore all types of relationships including polyamorous relationships, same-sex romantic relationships and the diverse spectrum of other relationship types. Our focus is on helping you find the connection you are longing for and become the partner you truly desire to be.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of couples counselors and marriage therapists, specializing in a variety of relationship counseling approaches including Gottman Method, Emotionally-Focused Therapy and Systems Approaches. We take great care in matching you with the right counselor for you and your specific concerns. Each therapist tailors their approach to help you reach your goals and provide the kind of care that acknowledges the uniqueness of your relationship.

Premarital Counseling

Couples that undergo premarital counseling universally improve the quality of their relationship when compared to couples who do not talk with a premarital counselor. The truth is that people receive more information about the common risks, warning signs and obligations when opening a credit card than they do when they sign a marriage certificate. We understand that there are many things all couples should be aware of before they get married or commit to a long term relationship. This is where our premarital counseling can help prepare couples for the future.

The unfortunate truth is that most divorces could be avoided if couples were properly educated about what marriage entails mentally, emotionally and physically. That is why we work with couples to identify crisis points long before they arise down the road and we prepare them with skills to deal with issues as they arise (and not after).

We guide couples through conversations about relationship essentials such as: communication, conflict resolution, intimacy (physical and emotional), trust, and roles and responsibilities. We’ve found that many couples have never explicitly talked about these topics and outlined their needs, expectations and limits. Some don’t know what questions to ask and some view it as an “unsexy” conversation. Either way we help couples navigate the start of marriage.

Sex Therapy and Couples Intimacy

Couples that find themselves losing the spark or who are thinking of each other as more like roommates than anything else, find great success when they seek intimacy help early. The truth is that every couple faces these challenges at one point or another, and most couples aren’t yet fully ingrained in their behaviors to prevent them from changing in order to save the relationship. When studies suggest that many couples seek help too late, they mean that too few people seek help at this stage of relationship deterioration.

Losing the feeling of connection with your partner doesn’t have to be permanent, instead our couples counselors have helped many couples rediscover the connection that brought them together in the first place.

Couples Counseling for Crisis/Infidelity

The next type of couple that we see are those who are facing crisis, whether that be infidelity, betrayal or any other number of issues that can put a relationship ‘on the line.’

These are people that have typically had issues with romantic connection over the previous 2-6 years. Typically one (or both) partners have long stopped thinking of their partner as someone to pursue, but instead take them for granted.

The LifeStance approach to helping these couples stands out because we use the crisis as something to learn and grow from. Many couples grow out of such dire conditions because once they hit rock bottom they realize that nothing worse than this can happen in the future. For couples that are at the end of their rope and who are ready for change, consider our relationship crisis counseling.

Discernment/Divorce Counseling

For couples seriously contemplating divorce or separation, we offer discernment counseling. Typically couples that have tried most other things pursue a discernment process in order to decide if the relationship is even worth continuing. 

One of our discernment counselors typically walks couples through their expectations and needs for the future and compares their options to see what the best path is for everyone involved. This means deciding quickly whether the relationship should end and starting the relationship grieving process, or if both partners can genuinely commit to rebuilding the relationship over the next 6 months.

We work with couples to develop a clear plan with specific rules, expectations and timelines so that both partners understand what must be done going forward. A clear plan in which both partner’s emotions and thoughts are taken into account is key to future relationship happiness.

Break-free and begin your journey to

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There is a future life where trauma does not control your day. Imagine yourself feeling calm, confident and ready to handle new situations with ease. The tools to living the life you have always envisioned are here, at your fingertips.

LifeStance Health can help.


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