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LGBTQ friendly therapy

Our therapists offer LGBTQ counseling. We address the unique concerns of the LGBTQ community. We offer counseling focused on gender, sexuality and pride.

Growth begins with understanding and accepting who you are

In today’s world there is an increased risk of developing a mental health issue within the LGBTQ community

Our therapists have special training to work with members of our Seattle LGBTQ community that struggle with these particular issues:

  • Do you feel exhausted about hiding your true feelings and identity?
  • Do you struggle with defining your sexuality?
  • Are you facing social rejection in school, or even among friends?
  • Dealing with bullying in your daily life?
  • Or, still coping from past traumas? 

 Common issues that are specific to the LGBTQ community include:

  • Discrimination
  • Bullying
  • Gender dysphoria
  • Sexual identity struggles 

In today’s world there is an increased risk of developing a general mental health issue within the LGBTQ community, and our LGBTQ therapists have experience to help guide you through them. The LGBTQ face a dual struggle of both developing mental health issues more often, and can also face a stigma attending therapy. Both of these issues are a result of discrimination, marginalization and homo/bi/trans-phobia in society at large. There is nothing inherent to having a marginalized identity that leads to more mental health struggles, but rather coping with this identity is a struggle in the world at large.

Here at LifeStance, we can help.

We are constantly bombarded by messages about sexuality and gender which can make it difficult for us to really engage with our sexuality in a constructive way. That’s why talking with our gender therapists in a safe and open minded space can lead to so much personal growth for our LGBTQ clients. Our LGBTQ counseling may include exploring one’s gender identity or sexual orientation, reconciling past trauma and re-learning how to relate to one’s difficult emotions. Some clients also see general benefit from learning stress management or other emotional coping skills.

1-on-1 Therapies for:

Anxiety »

Depression »

Relationship Issues »

Grief & Loss »

Trauma & PTSD »

Our Clinicians also help with:

  • Personal Growth
  • Navigating Life Transitions (relocation, career changes, stage of life growth)
  • Existential Concerns
  • Managing Anger or Panic
  • Gaining control over Substance use & Addiction

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You should be looking for a LGBTQ therapist when your life gets to the point that you:

  • Lack energy
  • Are feeling sad, depressed, extra emotional
  • Are avoiding friends and activities that you usual enjoy
  • Have been using substances to cope with your mental health
  • Have thought about self harm or suicide.

Our Approach:

LGBT Affirmative Therapy

The core of our approach is to offer self-affirming therapies that meet the client where they are at in a safe and supportive environment. Society or other organizations often suggest that there is one specific way for everyone to solve a problem, but people are not machines, we are all different and require different solutions.

We have no labels, no boxes to check. Every solution begins and ends with you.

Often clients come to us with distorted views of gender and sexuality, so for these clients we provide education on what gender means and can mean to them. Often we work with an open mind with clients to see what they really think about when it comes to gender, and we help them come to terms with what identity they have always felt most connected with. As with any of our therapies, growth begins with understanding and accepting who you are.

Usually to better understand the background of our clients we learn each client’s history. Often a client’s religious or family background strongly alters their current perceptions of themselves. If you were raised to believe that homosexuality is a sin accompanied by great punishment and marginalization, it isn’t likely that you will easily embrace that identity openly.

Coming to terms with (and discarding) damaging ideas that you received from family, friends, bullies and partners takes time, but is rewarding once completed. In this example, rejecting any internalized homophobia is often an essential step to moving forward.

These backgrounds also feed into our trauma informed work. Like we always say at LifeStance, most people think of trauma in too narrow a term. Trauma isn’t just coping with physical violence, but can be many other things that shake us to our core: bullying, marginalization or terminal illness for example all can be traumatic.

It is the traumas in our past and an inability to feel accepted in the world currently that drive other struggles such as depression and trauma. Many in the LGBTQ community develop long term anxiety or depression about not feeling accepted. This constant feeling weighs down on us and takes its toll. We help clients lift that burden. 

Break-free and begin your journey to

Your best

There is a future life where trauma does not control your day. Imagine yourself feeling calm, confident and ready to handle new situations with ease. The tools to living the life you have always envisioned are here, at your fingertips.

LifeStance Health can help.


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