I’m a new mom living in a world of technology- I see how this new world affects people. When I step back and observe the relationship most people(including myself) have with their phones, I notice a relationship similar to a child and their blanket.

When scared, anxious, humiliated, tired, or looking for comfort—children reach for their blanket and calm down; when adults turn to their phones – do we become more anxious?

None of us want to become more anxious.

As a new mom in any era throughout time, anxiety is part of the mom job. But can I reduce my anxiety by using my phone less? Well, I’m trying. And here’s how:

  • I have turned off all notifications and alerts (social media, text, email, lyft, I cloud); The only notification I get is a ring when someone calls.
  • I removed some of the most tempting apps – to include INSTAGRAM.
  • Take phone vacations – keeping it in a drawer or the glove compartment – allows me to focus on my baby and be more physically present – truly enjoying walking, stretching, drinking tea/ coffee, eating, resting, and an occasional yoga pose.

So, I’ll keep trying and see how these changes impact my emotions and anxious feelings. But maybe it’s time for us all to reevaluate what gives us real peace, and make us feel truly safe.

A few apps that have been helpful for me:

I’ll leave you with a quote, that makes me think of our adorable little smart phones:

“These threats, of course, concern me, but at a distance—I worry more about the subtle, pervasive draining out of meaning, of intimate contact, from our society and our culture.”

– Oliver Sacks

Maria Dalbotten, MA, LMHC